The me I’ve been scared to share

This is different from anything I’ve ever shared, and I feel a little shaky putting it out there.

But it’s written from my heart, and I want to share this inspiration. So here goes… I’d love your feedback:

Open your hearts to the reality of Love guiding you in every moment.

You are in essence pure love and joy.

That pain you feel, that you think is something wrong with you — it’s really just your love, longing to be expressed. There is nothing wrong with you, and never has been. It’s time to lift the veil of illusion and see who you really are:   a magnificent contribution, a Gift of Love.

How will you give your gifts today?  It kills you not to…  Giving your gifts, letting the energy of love and light flow in every dimension, transforms you and others, and brings right order and beauty to life. It is how you create the more beautiful world your heart knows is possible.

Now is the time of awakening world wide, and YOU are part of it. It’s time to shine, to let the love in your heart out — to heal one another and the earth.

Give your gifts of love!  Do not hold back, find ways to do it no matter what. Your mind does not know how; your mind does not need to know how. As you give, your luminous path will light up before you.

My 'Possibility Portrait' of John R. (detail)

Your luminous path may begin with acting on an inspired idea, as mine did 8 years ago with the idea to “paint portraits of ordinary people that show the divine in them” — even though I didn’t think I was an artist, or believed in God.

Following this inspiration led to developing gifts I didn’t even know I had, and my life expanding beyond what I’d ever imagined.   [Big news coming next week...]

Or it may begin with seeing an opening, and following it — as when my client L. suddenly noticed a job posting where she volunteered, and followed it into being paid well to do her true calling and develop her unique gifts.

Your only tasks in life are to give your love and your gifts, and retrain your mind to lift the illusion of fear, doubt, shame and separation  — so you are free to follow your luminous path.

The darkness recedes every time each one of us does this in any way. Together we are building and energizing the grid of Light that protects and heals the world. A few examples:

  • the music producer who heard a street musician singing “Stand By Me”, recorded him, and launched a worldwide multimedia movement to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music:
  • the little girl who raised more than $1 million through lemonade stands to find a cure for the disease that took her life:
  • the Swedish preschool teacher who sponsored a Kenyan student, who later graduated from Harvard Law School, became a United Nations human rights advocate, and established a fund her honor to support many more Kenyan students:

Now is the time of endings and new beginnings.

So many of us are awakening now because we are all needed for the grid of light to be strong enough for humanity to make the shift in time. So much beauty and brilliance and love!  The world has never seen the like before. We are more able to connect than ever before — and we long for it. Follow your longing, it is the light that leads the way.

And on the wings of THIS  inspiration, I’m writing to extend a special invitation!

Just a few times each year, I open up my schedule and invite people to apply for a complimentary private ‘Get to Know’ Discovery Session with me. I sent this invitation out last week, and want to be sure you don’t miss it.

For the next 3 weeks, I have opened 12 spots in my schedule (there are still a few left) to meet with “ready seekers.”

Are you such a seeker?

Complete Application

Well, here’s how to know if you are:

  • If what I shared above struck a chord.
  • If you feel a pull to identify the next steps in YOUR evolution.
  • If you’re ready to allow a new level of support in your life (because you understand that if you could have done it by yourself, you would have by now.)
  • If the discomfort of stuckness, failure, or disappointment is greater than the discomfort of stepping into something new.

If any of these apply to you, then you’re a READY SEEKER. And I would be honored to connect with you to explore if and how we can serve you in identifying and taking your powerful next steps!

Now I want to be up front about something: these are not coaching sessions because I’m not here to offer “quick fixes.” True and lasting success, healing, and transformation come from a commitment to expand your awareness. Ask any of the people who have walked through my doors to claim THEIR power! (And read about their experiences in the sidebar.)

HOWEVER, if you are feeling that feeling… (It might sound like: “I’m ready to make something happen, but I’m not sure what to do about…”) then a ‘Get to Know’ Discovery Session with me will catapult you forward!

Complete Application

It continues to be so incredibly rewarding to support people in seeing their true radiance and lifting the illusion of fear, doubt & separation — so they can love life and make the difference they are here to make. There are simply no words! It’s the best feeling in the world!

Through my group programs and private coaching, I’ve been so inspired to be able to support and witness people…

* Manifest greater prosperity
* Attract dream jobs
* Dispel years of writer’s block in minutes
* Improve and heal relationships
* Take their businesses to the next level
* Improve their health and well-being
* Break free from paralyzing fear, anxiety and depression
* Reconnect to deep parts of themselves they’d lost
* Let go of anger and resentment to experience JOY
* Identify and claim their life purpose
* Discover hidden abilities and gifts
* Access their own inner wisdom
And so much more!

Whether you need to plug into inspiration, access effective personal support, or you know that it’s time to take on your next level of learning and growth, we offer a spectrum of programs and services that span private to group, and short-term to long-term opportunities — all designed to really move you forward in your life!

To apply for a complimentary, one-on-one ‘Get to Know’ Discovery session with me, fill out your application by clicking on this link:

Complete Application

Love and blessings, 


P.S. Remember, if this speaks to you, time is of the essence! Space is limited and the openings are available through early August only. Approved applications are being accepted on a first come-first serve basis.

Complete Application

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Magic Stress Interrupter — quick upload version

How to make a “Magic Stress Interrupter”
Re-program your brain so you can go into a stressful situation with no loss of power — works like magic!


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How to Make a Magic Stress Interrupter (video)

How to make a “Magic Stress Interrupter”
Re-program your brain so you can go into a stressful situation with no loss of power — works like magic!

Have trouble viewing this  video? Click here for the quick upload version — should load even on your mobile phone.


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5 Fun Tips to Get Free Pix for Vision Boards

5 Fun Tips To Get Free Pix-ebook

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The 3 Critical Keys to Cut Through Confusion, Overwhelm, & Doubt — to Get the Clarity, Focus and Deep Guidance You Crave

Feeling unsure or confused about how to move forward?
You have far more wisdom within you than you know.

Really. I’ve been feeling so grateful  for my own inner guidance, and so blown away by how easily my clients are getting powerful wisdom from their own deep guidance — the very first time they try.   It’s quite inspiring!
Like Daphne:   “I got clarity I didn’t even expect, and answers  
I wasn’t even looking for — your process took me out of my head  
and into a much truer knowing.  It was very powerful:   
I discovered the purpose of my business,  ways I’d need to grow  
for it to be successful, and I even got a tagline!” 
— Daphne Cohn, The Pleasure Nutritionist & Founder of All About Her Biz
Want to experience the deep wisdom within YOU, and get clear answers to your questions?

You CAN — next Tuesday in my NEW teleseminar, “The Clarity Class”:


3 Critical Keys to Cut Through Confusion,
Overwhelm and Doubt –  to Get the
Clarity, Focus, and Deep Guidance You Crave  for Your Business or Your Life

Tuesday November 8 
10 AM Pacific       1 PM Eastern      6 PM GMT (London)

In a hurry?  Get the call-in info here

In this F.R.E.E. “Clarity Class” you will discover:

The 3 critical keys to get Clarity, Focus & Deep Guidance
How to get really clear about what you want (it’s NOT what you think!)
A surprisingly simple and incredibly powerful way to get deep guidance –       any time you want it
2 no-cost tools that effortlessly focus your attention [...] Continue Reading…

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What do you do when it just doesn’t work anymore? (personal & video)

Have you noticed that the old ways of doing things aren’t working anymore?

I sure have. In the past few weeks what’s worked before in my business just stopped working. I was stuck. Felt like a door I’d always been able to walk through before was now closed…

“Why am I sabotaging myself?!” I  wondered, more and more anxiously.  “I need to make this work!!”

And I pulled out all the powerful tools I’ve learned to uproot limiting beliefs and soften subconscious resistance. But for the first time, my tools weren’t enough.

I stayed stuck. Just couldn’t get that old door to open.

So, feeling rather desperate, I tapped into my wonderful circle of support… and received a lot of  guidance and love, but still didn’t seem able to do what worked before and what I thought I had to do now.

So finally I gave up.

I said out loud, “OK, OK, it’s just not going to go the way I planned.   I get it.  I surrender!!  What now?”

Perhaps you’ve had a door in your life close, and you feel thoroughly stuck. You just can’t go on the way you have been. 

And then, if you allow it, another door opens.  And it’s much more beautiful…

That’s what happened to me.  The door began opening with a video that really inspired me:

Lily Yeh speaks at Bioneers Conference

Click here to see it:

In it international artist Lily Yeh — a remarkable woman who uses the arts to heal communities and create personal and [...] Continue Reading…

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Are you making these 2 mistakes that drain your energy & joy?

There are 2 major mistakes we tend to make — and they drain away our energy and joy each day.

They both involve tolerating conditions that really bother us.

My friend and former client Martha came over recently and pointed out an irony I’ve long tried to ignore: “Pam, you’re all about light and clarity in your work, and yet you live in a dark and cluttered house. What’s up with that?”

I could feel my face flush, like I’d been caught doing something nasty.

And, I realized, it IS nasty to live in conditions that pull me down every single day, when my work is about lifting people up — especially when I tell myself it’s the fault of my family members that I ‘have to’ live like this. (Then I resent these people I love, and feel hopeless…) Yuck!

Amazing what we’ll tolerate until something wakes us up…  Only then do we realize its true cost in lost energy, lost love (sorry family!), and lost joy (a cluttered environment makes me feel grumpy and anxious). And only that realization gives us the courage to finally DO SOMETHING about it.

Thanks to Martha, I’m finally doing something about the clutter and darkness that’ve been bugging me for over 9 years — getting rid of boxes of stuff we don’t need, reorganizing, letting more light in, and creating a beautiful, inspiring home office to work with my local clients.

It feels so liberating, I can’t believe I waited so long!

So what are you tolerating in YOUR [...] Continue Reading…

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Trust Your Guidance — and access it more

I have a confession to make.   For the longest time, I’ve been hiding — scared to admit I receive insights, visions, and inspired guidance from outside my normal awareness — from what I think of as my heart’s wisdom, or the Divine within. Way too weird!  What would people think?!  (And what would my very rational husband say…)

You have to understand, I’m a former academic from an atheist family, and getting divine guidance is sooo NOT “something we do.”

Yet we do… and it’s time to stop hiding, because I have a message for you:
YOU are a divinely-guided being with radiant gifts and healing wisdom to share with the world.

The Heart Rose glowing (drawing by Pamela)

You may already know this, and express it through your guided business or inspired project.

Or it may be hidden from you by self-doubt, and the distractions and crises of daily life — yet still you sense it’s true.

You and I are points of light in a huge network of Light.  We are all being activated now to give our gifts in a much more expansive, heartfelt, and inspired way — sometimes in the face of big challenges. 

Have you, like me, experienced big changes in the past year?
What’s no longer working is being cleared away.  We are all being called to face what we’ve feared, so we can see it for the illusion it is.  Only then can we find the courage to be authentic and true to our gifts [...] Continue Reading…

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#1 thing to STOP doing for more JOY and productivity

Have you noticed?  There’s a gap between how ‘enlightened’ we are — and what we actually do.

There are things we do that we know sap our energy, waste time, and/or make us unhappy.  (Anyone else guilty of checking email or Facebook multiple times a day?)

And there are things we DON’T do that we know would make us feel happier, more productive, and energized. (Regular exercise or meditation, anyone?)

We have lots of excuses…. But enough already! Life is short.

Here’s a simple way to close the gap right now:
6 Simple Steps to your own ‘#1 Thing’ to be More Productive and Joyful
1. Brainstorm:  what’s the 1 thing you could STOP doing that would really make your life work better? (You already know, or have some some pretty good ideas…)


Checking email or FB multiple times a day;
drinking a lot of soda;
staying on the computer right up until bedtime;
piling all the mail on the table ‘to go through later’

2. How might you express this as a practice? A practice is something you do regularly — daily or weekly etc. — because it makes your life work better. (You’re not committing to anything yet, jes’ thinkin’…)


Check email & FB just 3 times/day;
drink bubbly water instead of soda;
get off computer at least an hour before bed;
toss all  junk mail into recycling as it arrives

3. How can you make this practice very specific? Add times, places, dates — so it’s clear exactly what happens when.  (Otherwise, it’s unlikely to [...] Continue Reading…

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Personal: Why I’ve been blissed out

Frankly I’m going out on a  limb here, hoping that sharing something this personal will be useful to you.
OK, here goes: I haven’t written in awhile because I’ve been experiencing such love and gratitude, such delight and wonder at how magical life is,  such deep peace after my crazy busyness and intense highs and lows  last year,  that I just haven’t known what to say.
How do you talk about bliss and where it comes from?
I do have some clear reasons to celebrate:

just completed another round of my signature program, the Grow Your Dreams Intensive, which participants called a “tremendous, amazing life transformation” (so glad I didn’t give up last year…);
finally have my business set up to allow me freedom to enjoy sweet times with family and friends, go on retreats, and take our  daughters on trips (that’s me and our youngest in London, fulfilling a  dream of hers);
extraordinary people (powerful coaches, a Buddhist Lama, Hindu mystics, more) have come into  my life to help me fulfill my mission and also to seek my guidance and  partnership.  Spirit may not call the qualified, but it sure does qualify the called…  I feel sooo grateful!
it’s a blast creating exciting new programs and products to help you step into the greatest version of you. (Over the coming months you will see an entirely new look and feel in my business.)

But the biggest reason I’ve been so happy is I’ve discovered how to experience consistent peace, love, and delight, regardless of what happens [...] Continue Reading…

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